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$59 for a 15-Point Electrical Panel Inspection (A value of up to $99)
Plus a free smoke detectors check

Have your electrical panel inspected by a licensed electrician from the Arizona Electric Council. Why? Safety, Professional Service, and Peace of Mind.
View the 15-Point Electrical Panel Checklist.
Call 602-277-3736 today to Schedule Your Electrical Panel Inspection!
(Mention promo code 15ELEC18)

Watch Video on Electrical Inspections Now!

Did you know?
• According to the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), about 25,800 electrical fires each year account for an estimated $1.1 billion in property damages.
• These electrical fires also claim about 280 lives and injure about 1,125 people.
• Faulty wiring, much of which resides in the electrical panel, causes many of these fires.
• Smoke detectors should be tested monthly and batteries should be replaced annually.

(Inspection does not include the cost of actual repairs. If your contractor recommends repairs after the inspection, please consult with them on pricing and scheduling. Panel inspection including up to 15-point inspection, panel only, not all panels are the same or will require a 15-point inspection, the contractor will evaluate upon arrival. Non-redeemable with any other offers. Offer valid through September 30, 2018.)


For a limited time, SRP is offering a $.80/sf rebate to qualifying customers. Visit SavewithSRP.com for more details or call 1-602-266-7283 to set an appointment with a licensed shade screen contactor.

Shade screens are an affordable and preferred way in Arizona to prevent heat gain from the sun coming through unprotected windows. This raises temperatures in the home, making AC equipment work harder to cool the home thus increasing energy usage and electric bills. More details on shade screens.

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