Arizona Electric Council

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Electrical Panel Checklist

The Arizona Electric Council recommends this 15-Point Electrical Panel checklist be completed by a licensed electrician once a year to ensure electrical safety in the home.

15-Point Electrical Panel Checklist

Exterior of panel box:
  • Make sure it is accessible/free from obstructions
  • Inspect for holes or exposed wires on the outside of panel cover
  • Inspect for rust or water leakage
  • Check for any immediate hazards such as panel box is hot to the touch, cover discolored from burning or electrical shocks
  • Panel box cover securely fastened and no obstruction when closing the cover
Interior of panel box:
  • Make sure that the appropriate sized wiring (in gauges) connects to the appropriate sized (in amps) circuit breakers or fuses
  • Check for potential signs of electrical fires
  • Check for any loose, stripped, damaged, overheated, melted, or unsecured wires
  • Inspect for rust, corrosion, or water inside cabinet
  • Check clamps, connectors, and bushings
  • Check for disconnected or loose conductors
  • Inspect main grounding electrode conductor (GEC)
  • Test GFCIs and AFCIs (at the panel only)
  • Check for melted conductor insulation and advise
  • Check for damage to insulation sheathing
Also ask your contractor about:
  • Testing your circuit breakers
  • Safely securing all neutral, ground, and hot connections
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Whole Home Surge Protection
  • (Services subject to fee by contractor)