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Arizona Plumbing Council

Taking the Drain Out of Plumbing Repairs Since 1995!

The Arizona Plumbing Council provides contractor referrals to licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing companies that service and install plumbing fixtures for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Service Commitment
Each of our qualified plumbing contractors are checked regularly, all meet the same high standards of excellence, and are dedicated to providing you with exceptional services.
Our contractors are trusted and used by your local utilities.
Find out more about our contractor service commitment.
Find out more about the criteria our ELA contractors meet.
Review information and advice about how to avoid common plumbing repair issues.

Our professional, skilled plumbers can help you with a wide array of standard plumbing services, repairs, and installations from unclogging drains and repairing garbage disposals to fixing leaking toilets.

Some of our maintenance and repair services:

    • Rooter Service
    • Unclogging & Cleaning
    • Drain Maintenance & Repair
    • Toilet Repairs
    • Garbage Disposals
    • Bathtub & Shower Plumbing
    • Sink & Faucet Plumbing Repairs
    • Water Heater Repairs
    • Sewer / Drain Cleaning and Repair
    • Water & Gas Leak Detection
    • Pipe & Hose Leak Repairs
    • Boiler Repair
    • Drainage System / Flood Control
    • Septic Tank Treatment
    • Water Main Repair

Plumbing services are not all emergencies though. If you are looking to beautify your kitchen or bathroom or need to install a new water heater or add a water softening treatment system to your home, our plumbing contractors are ready to work for you.

Some of our remodeling and installation services:

    • Bath & Kitchen Remodeling
    • Water Conditioners / Water Softeners
    • Water Filters
    • Water Heater Installations – Standard, Tankless, Solar, Hybrid
    • Misting systems
    • Sinks, Faucets, Showers, Bathtubs, Toilets, Dishwashers
    • Garbage Disposals
    • Reverse Osmosis

Please call 1-602-285-5563 to contract one of our helpful and approved companies.