Consumer Tips

Advice on Common Plumbing Issues

For home owners, plumbing issues are an unavoidable occurrence, but with some preventative steps, many issues can be minimized to save you time, money, and headaches in the long run! The fact remains, sometimes you just need a plumber for that burst water pipe or other serious plumbing emergency. The Arizona Plumbing Council offers first rate, free referrals to licensed, bonded, and insured expert plumbers in the greater Phoenix area.

Clogged Drains and Garbage Disposal
  • Do not put potatoes, potato peels, bread products, pasta, corn husks, banana peels, or melon rinds down the disposal.
  • Do not pour cooking oils or meat grease down your drain because it becomes solid once cooled down and will clog your drain.
  • Do not use store bought drain cleaners as the harsh chemicals in them can erode your pipes over time and cause severe and costly damages.
Clogged Toilet
  • Do not flush any baby wipes or flushable wipes down the toilet as they do not dissolve the same as toilet paper.
  • Fix running toilets as they can add up to large water bills.
  • Beware of you children's toys ending up in the toilet bowl! If this happens, don't fret. Use a wire hanger to carefully extract said object from the toilet.
Leaking Faucets or Pipes
  • Fix leaking faucets. A faucet with a steady drip can waste a gallon of water a day or more! This will lead to larger water bills. Click here to calculate your water waste with the Drip Calculator.
  • Locate the main water valve in case of emergencies. Shut off the water when on vacation.

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