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Benefits of Getting AC Coils Cleaned

Your home's air conditioning unit has two coils which help with the exchange of heating and cooling year round. The evaporative coil is in the indoor portion of the unit and the condenser coil is in the outdoors part of the unit. Overtime, both coils will build up dirt and residue restricting airflow throughout the home. For this reason, it's important to get these checked and cleaned regularly.

The maintenance of your AC coils is an essential part of long term air conditioning performance. Properly functioning AC coils improve the AC's ability to absorb and reject heat, making the unit more energy efficient. Specifically, the indoor coil if clogged will reduce airflow throughout the house.

So, how often should your AC coils get cleaned for optimal performance?

AC coils should be clean as needed. When you get your annual or bi-annual ac inspection, ask your ac technician to check if they need cleaning. If you live in a dusty area, if leaves fall from foliage, or if lint from the air dryer vent covers the outdoor coil, it may need cleaning more often. You want to keep the area around the outdoor ac unit clear of debris and dirt to ensure proper airflow through the system. How often your indoor coil needs cleaning also depends on several factors. If you have pets, live in a dusty area, or do not change the AC filter monthly as recommended, it could need cleaning more often.

Your AC contractor will typically use a professional coil blaster product to clean the indoor coil. The outdoor coil can be cleaned with a coil cleaner product available at most home improvement stores and then rinsed with a garden hose.

Getting your AC coils cleaned along with other regularly recommended maintenance will improve airflow in home and makes the unit more energy efficient, helping to reduce energy usage and electric bills long term.

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